The proxy server allow to surf the web as you phisically are at the Department.
The intended usage is related to the web sites of the mathematical journal for which the Depatments acquire the license.
The proxy use is reserved to the people authorized by the Department.



The proxy usage slows (1/2) down your network access.
Use it only if you need it!



  1. Define a password for the proxy.
    For this operation you first need an account for the Department network then you must have access to the web page: Proxy Password.
    It will be request for your Department login and password and if satisfied you are redirect to a page that allow to define your proxy password.
    Please choose a password distinct from that of the Department, you can repeat this operation if the proxy password is forgotten.
  2. Configure the proxy on your browser:



For a simple and fast use of proxy we suggest to use Mozilla Firefox browser with its addon FoxyProxy.
More information are available at IT Support web site: https://support.math.unipd.it/?q=node/269

PROXY - Dipartimento di Matematica